Prata restaurant adjusts price of iced Milo from $4.50 to $3 after Stomper's feedback

The consensus is that prices only go up, but never down.

However, a restaurant at The Rail Mall in Bukit Timah has reduced the price of its iced Milo from $4.50 to $3 following feedback from a customer.

Stomper Tan had earlier expressed shock at paying $4.50 for the cold beverage at Kings Indian Banana Leaf Restaurant and said it was "crazy".

On Thursday (Jan 19), an employee from the restaurant's operations team told Stomp that it has decreased the price of its iced Milo to $3.

He said: "We have discussed the matter with our sales team and instructed them to reduce the price. We apologise for the inconvenience."

The employee also alluded to high rental fees at the shopping mall as being the reason for its menu prices.

He told Stomp: "The management is not at all reducing our rent of $14,000 per month. What to do?"