Deliveroo customer gets whole bag of spilled pork ribs soup, cannot get refund

Submitted by Stomper Pete

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Update on August 29, 2022:

A Deliveroo spokesman has reached out to Stomp to issue the following statement: 

"We are sorry for the customer's experience.

"We have investigated the matter and have processed a full refund for the customer.

"We’ve also offered a token credit as a gesture of goodwill for the inconvenience. 

"At Deliveroo, we are committed to delivering the best possible customer experience and will continue to review and improve our processes."

Original article:

Would you consume spilled soup from a plastic bag?

Stomper Pete would not and was disappointed when he received his order from Song Fa.

He had placed his order via Deliveroo on Aug 14.

"When I received my food, the whole plastic bag was filled with the pork ribs soup," he said.

"It was so disgusting, messy and unhygienic to begin with."

Pete's troubles did not end there.

He contacted both Deliveroo and Song Fa regarding the matter and said "both parties are pushing the blame to each other".

In a response shared by the Stomper, Song Fa said: "An internal investigation was conducted, your order was prepared and packed securely before handing over to our delivery partner from Deliveroo.

"We would like to advise you to speak to Deliveroo regarding the delivery process of your item."

While Deliveroo apologised, they said they are "unable" to offer him credit for his order.

Pete told Stomp the total bill was close to $40 before applying the $5.70 National Day discount promotion Deliveroo had ongoing at the time.

"No party is willing to compensate for my loss," he said.

"As a consumer making the purchase and ordering a few dishes, this is very unfair to me."