Upset by long wait, customer uses vulgarity on delivery rider

Submitted by Stomper Mohammad

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Some people could use a lesson in patience.

Stomper Mohammad, who works as a full-time food delivery rider, was taken aback when a customer scolded him and used a vulgarity while texting him about his order on Aug 1.

"I was waiting for his McDonald's order to be ready for collection," said the Stomper.

"Apparently it wasn't ready by the stipulated time and I had to extend his waiting time to 10 minutes because the outlet was overwhelmed with orders.

"I was on my way to his location when he cancelled the order."

He shared with Stomp the texts he received from the customer, demanding to know his location and telling him not to "waste people['s] time".

"I've never encountered customers scolding vulgarities before," said Mohammad.

"I can understand that waiting too long for the food to arrive can be frustrating but scolding vulgarities at the very first minute is just wrong.

"It is disgusting."