Man orders pasta... and gets pizza

Submitted by Stomper Shaun

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We know that pizza and pasta are Italian dishes but are they interchangeable?

One man was shocked when he received two pans of pizza despite ordering two pasta dishes from Pastamania at Sengkang via the Foodpanda app.

Stomper Shaun shared with Stomp that he ordered a penne carbonara and fusili prawn aglio which he paid $26.99 for.

When he received his order, the order receipt indicated that he had received a margherita and barbeque pizza that cost $27.58 instead.

"I ordered pasta but instead, came pizza," said Shaun.

"I contacted Foodpanda and they did not want to refund me."

In a screenshot of an email Shaun shared with Stomp, a Foodpanda customer service representative said they had thoroughly reviewed the details of his case but will not be proceeding with a refund as "it is against our refunds policy".