'Delinquents' spit and spray bus commuters with saliva after playing music at full blast

Submitted by Stomper Susan

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They had no qualms playing music loudly in public or spitting at fellow commuters, but shied away from the camera.

Stomper Susan was appalled by the behaviour of two youths on bus service 103 on Thursday afternoon (Aug 17).

The bus was going towards Yishun at around 2pm when she encountered the pair.

Susan recounted: "These two youths had the volume of their device at full blast. After I turned round to look hard at them, they projectile spat towards my back while on board the bus, spraying all passengers seated in front of them with saliva and not just me.

"An elderly uncle seated one row in front of me also received the 'shower' and berated them, but they only made rude retorts and claimed it was the 'air-con'.

"The cowards turned away and covered their faces when I tried to take a photo of them. I did not want to go closer to them so I did not manage to take more photos."

Susan said she reported the incident to the bus captain, adding: "He stopped the bus at the next bus stop to speak to them, but he could only tell them 'not to do it again'.

"The other passengers did not intervene (actually, this is quite typical in the local scene and if I wasn’t aware of what had happened, I might have done the same thing). Most just seemed to look ahead, although they were listening to the commotion.

"It is sad that Singapore still has such delinquents who are a menace to society."