Man spits near car, says he doesn't need mask after vaccination: 'Didn't you watch the news?'

Submitted by Stomper Chia

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A man was caught on camera spitting in front of a car, leading to an ugly spat between him and the car driver.

Stomper Chia shared two videos of the incident that occurred at 205 Sims Avenue on Saturday (July 17), at around 11am.

The first video shows the man spitting on the ground, in front of Chia's car.

Chia recounted : "I was outside Koung’s Wanton Mee when I encountered this barbarian who walked past my vehicle and spat once beside my car.

"For whatever reason, he walked past another time, spat again and stared at me.

"I tapped my horn to show my displeasure at him being unhygienic in times like this. He pointed his middle finger at my pregnant wife so I had to go down to confront the barbarian.

"Throughout the whole ordeal, he did not wear his mask and claimed that the news said there is no need to wear a mask after vaccination."

In the second video, Chia can be heard arguing with the man in Hokkien and Mandarin.

Man: Simi daiji? ('What?')

Chia: See what see?

Man: I cannot see meh?

Chia: You spat saliva! Pui pui pui!

Man: Did I spit at you?

Chia: You are not wearing a mask.

Man: Why must I wear a mask?

Chia: See see see, see what see? See what see?

Man: I've gotten my vaccination, have you gotten yours?

Chia: Vaccination means no need wear mask?

Man (shouting): Didn't you watch the news?

Chia: Vaccination means no need wear mask? Anyhow spit! Huh? So hygienic. Smart, so smart. Wear your mask properly lah.

Man: No need to wear mask after vaccination.

Chia: No need mask after vaccination, anyhow spit. Yes, smart. Correct, correct, correct. Want to call the police down?

Man: You can watch the news!

Chia: Want to call the police down? Don't talk so much lah. Want to call the police down?

Man: Call lah, call lah!

Chia: Then you don't walk off lah, stay here!

Man: I'll be here. (pointing towards bus stop)

Chia: Oh, you'll be here? I'll call lor. Ok I'll call, Ok ok ok."

Chia said that he did not make a police report as the man left the scene shortly afterwards.

According to Covid-19 guidelines by the Ministry of Health, mask use continues to be one of the key public health strategies in preventing disease by reducing the expulsion and transmission of droplets.

The recent clusters in Singapore suggest a higher level of transmission, likely attributed to new virus variants.

A mask with better protection, such as those with better filtration efficiency, will help to mitigate the increased risks of transmission and infection.

As such, mask-wearing remains critical even as more people are vaccinated. All members of the public are recommended to use masks with good filtration capability.