Definitely not happy hour for man picking up beer cans that fell off lorry in Yishun

Submitted by Stomper KC, Maria

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It was not a happy hour for one man who was left to pick up beer cans after cartons of them were left strewn on the road along Yishun Avenue 7 towards Gambas Avenue at about 11.55am on Tuesday (July 17).

Stomper Maria and KC alerted Stomp to the incident. 

Maria shared a video that had been circulating online, showing a Carlsberg lorry with its rear doors wide open and cartons of the popular Danish brew lying on the road.

Two men are seen talking to a Traffic Police officer.

KC, whose friend was passing by the scene after the lorry had moved off, shared a video one of the men left alone to pick up the scattered cans.

It is unclear how the incident happened.

Coincidentally, last June, a similar incident happened when several hundred cans of beer fell off a truck along Clementi Road.