It's 'raining' sofas at Grange Road -- and one nearly lands on motorists

Submitted by Stomper Shirley

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

The rain yesterday morning (June 23) did not just bring water, but also sofas.

Stomper Shirley was shocked when a sofa "came falling out of the sky" from nowhere and landed in front of her car when she was travelling along Grange Road at around 9.43am.

Shirley, who was in the passenger seat while her husband was driving, recounted the incident:

"It was raining very heavily while were driving along Grange Road.

"Out of nowhere, an Outdoor Sofa came falling out of the sky, landing just metres directly in front of us.

"When we reviewed the dash cam footage, we could see what looked like the sofa cushion floating down the top right side of the video a few seconds before the sofa came down.

"After a few cars went by, we also noticed another Outdoor Chair appearing on the bottom right hand side of the video.

"It's not every day that it rains Outdoor Sofa Sets!"

Shirley also described the unusual incident as "Cloudy with a chance of sofas."

She believes that the heavy rain and strong winds had caused the the sofa set to fall from the balcony of a residential unit nearby and onto the road.