Cyclist gestures at driver after she uses high beam, honks at him for hogging lane

Submitted by Stomper Sharleen

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A cyclist was not happy after a driver used her high beam on him and honked at him for hogging the left-most lane along Lentor Avenue on Aug 7.

Stomper Sharleen shared with Stomp a video of her car trailing behind the cyclist as she was driving towards Yio Chu Kang MRT Station.

"It was busy on a weekday at 7am and he was causing delays to cars and buses," she said.

"The cyclist was riding in the middle of the lane, restricting vehicles from overtaking him.

"Despite giving him a high beam signal and later, a soft honk, he stopped in front of my car and gave me 'hand signals'."

In the video, it appears the cyclist was gesturing at his helmet camera and making a point to note Sharleen's car licence plate number.

"How can we report such inconsiderate behaviour?" she asked.

According to the Road Traffic Act, cyclists on the road must ride their bicycles as near as practicable to the far left edge of the road.