TP and LTA catch cyclists flouting cycling group size rule in islandwide operation

A total of 26 composition offers were issued to errant on-road cyclists for breaching the cycling group size rule following an enforcement operation conducted by the Traffic Police (TP) and Land Transport Authority (LTA).

The islandwide operation was conducted between June 24 and July 8.

TP and LTA officers also conducted education outreach to raise awareness on cycling rules and guidelines during the enforcement operation.

Cyclists who are caught flouting the cycling group size rule can be fined $150.

The higher composition fine amount was raised with effect from Jan 1, 2022 to improve road safety and applies to those who break other existing cycling rules.

This includes failing to stop at red lights, cycling on expressways, and riding abreast of another cyclist on single-lane roads or bus lanes during operational hours.

Despite this, there have been several incidents of cyclists flouting the rules.

In June, a cyclist was caught running three red lights from Stamford Road to Penang Road before skidding and falling while trying to avoid a bus.

In the same month, two cyclists were seen entering a tunnel on the Kallang-Paya Lebar (KPE) expressway even though it is illegal.

Prior to that, a large group of cyclists were seen riding along Boon Lay Way in March.

Commander of Traffic Police, Senior Assistant Commissioner Daniel Tan said: "Cycling rules are put in place to ensure the safety of all cyclists and road users."

All cyclists are urged to abide by the following cycling rules and guidelines, for their safety, and to keep the roads safe for all:

  • Obey all traffic signals and travel in the same direction as the flow of traffic

  • Wear a helmet when cycling on roads

  • Always ride as close as practicable to the far left edge of roads, and allow traffic to overtake you safely

  • Cycle in a single file on single-lane roads and during bus lane operational hours

  • Switch on front white and rear red light in the dark

  • Always use bicycle lanes when available, and do not use any other part of the roadway

  • [From 1 Jan 2022] Keep to a maximum length of five bicycles when riding in groups, which means a maximum of five cyclists if riding in single file, or 10 cyclists if riding two abreast

  • Not use mobile communication devices while riding

  • Not cycle on expressways, road tunnels and selected viaducts

TP will continue to conduct enforcement operations against errant cyclists and will not hesitate to take action against them.