Customers pay more for food just because it's Chinese New Year: 'Just have to bear it'

Submitted by Stomper Anonymous

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As if inflation and the 1 per cent hike in the Goods and Services Tax were not enough.

At least one food outlet raised its prices just because it was Chinese New Year.

A Stomper went to Ming Kitchen at the Block 802 Tampines Avenue 4 coffee shop on Jan 24 only to learn that the zi char stall was charging up to $3 more per food item.

According to a photo of a sign shared by the Stomper, the increased prices only applied on the eve, the third and fourth day of Chinese New Year.

Presumably, there were no price increases on the first day and second of CNY because Ming Kitchen was closed on those two days.

For the other three days, the prices of meat and seafood dishes would be up by $3; vegetables, egg and bean curd dishes by $2; and rice and noodle dishes by $1.

The Stomper was there on the third day of CNY.

"Public holiday surcharge," said the Stomper, "on top of add-on charges for takeaway containers. A bit too much.

"Just have to bear with it."

A photo of the receipt shows the Stomper paid $38.70 including the additional $3 for the chicken rice, additional $1 for the fried rice and another additional $1 for the hor fun.

If the Stomper had bought the food on almost any other day, it would have been only $33.70.