Diner asks Food Opera stall why her nasi padang is $10.30, told 'rent is expensive'

Submitted by Stomper Helen

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Shocked to be charged $10.30 for a meal at Ion Orchard's food court, a woman asked why it costs so much.

The stall's answer? Location and rent.

Stomper Helen said she visited the nasi padang stall at Food Opera for the first time on Saturday (Dec 31), at around 1pm.

A receipt shows that her $10.30 meal consists of $1.20 for white rice, $4.80 for black pepper fish fillet, $2.50 for ikan bilis and peanuts, and $1.80 for a fried egg.

Helen told Stomp: "I was shocked to be charged $10.30 and asked the cashier why it was so expensive. I felt like there was no way I could turn down the food as the rice and dishes were already all on the plate.

"The cashier said that this is Orchard Road so naturally it's more expensive due to rent.

"I hope that regardless of location, vendors at air-conditioned food courts will not take the opportunity to keep raising prices and cause us consumers to suffer."

Asked how much would be a reasonable price to fork out for her meal, Helen said: "Around $6 is acceptable. This is simply too expensive."