Man pays $4.80 for rice with 3 prawns and 2 chicken feet: 'Everything increased except salary'

Submitted by Stomper Teo

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If you are jaded over rising prices, the GST hike and expensive food, you are not the only one.

Stomper Teo was irate at being charged $4.80 for a meal from the economy rice stall at Kovan 209 Market and Food Centre in Hougang last week.

His rice came with only three pieces of fried prawn and and a pair of braised chicken feet.

Teo told Stomp in a phone interview on Monday (Jan 16): "This stall is known for being expensive. They used to have long queues but now it has shrank a lot. Last time, it cost around $6 for four dishes. Now it can be $8.

"That day, I was hungry so 'bo bian' (no choice). But see, the chicken feet is like two for $2. The cost price how much only? You think the prawn is big prawn? Go market buy and cook yourself better."

The Stomper acknowledged labour costs and utlities, but maintained that the cost of eating out these days is "terrible".

Asked if he had asked the stall why his meal was so expensive, Teo said: "Ask for what? They will just tell you the price of everything has increased. Every now and then the price of their food goes up."

This is not the first time a diner has complained about the food prices of the economy rice stall at Kovan 209 Market and Food Centre.

In November last year, a Stomper expressed unhappiness at being charged $5.40 for white rice with braised pork belly, bitter gourd and potatoes at the same place.

Teo said: "Only our salaries didn't increase.

"Last time, I always see people eating economy rice with three dishes. But now, it's common to see people ordering only two dishes."

Teo also quipped: "Those who have no money, eat 'kosong' (nothing)."