Item missing from order but no refund: Foodpanda says it reached out to customer to resolve issue

Submitted by Stomper HungryMe

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Where was her pig's tail noodle?

A customer was refused a refund by Foodpanda even though an item was missing from the order she received.

Stomper HungryMe had ordered four items from Hock Prawn Mee in Jalan Besar on Dec 26.

"I ordered via pre-order and a Panda Box discount was applied," said the Stomper.

"However, when the delivery arrived, I noted that an item from my order was missing."

It was the pig's tail noodle, listed as $9 on the Foodpanda.

"This led me to contact Foodpanda customer service and I can say I never expected what was about to happen," said the Stomper.

"As seen in the screenshots, customer service agent Lisa noted the missing item but refused to refund me for the missing item. She stated that a refund could not be processed and after I kept chasing for a refund, the chat was abruptly ended by her."

In response to a Stomp query, a Foodpanda spokesman said: "Our customer service team has reached out to the customer to provide assistance and resolve the issue."