Foodpanda refunds customer for mouldy lychees but refuses to do the same for mouldy cauliflower she received

Submitted by Stomper Sandra

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A woman was disappointed when she discovered mould on lychees and cauliflower she had ordered from Pandamart via Foodpanda recently.

Stomper Sandra shared with Stomp screenshots of her conversation with a customer service representative.

The agent apologised but told her that since they had processed a refund to her for the mouldy lychees, they were unable to take any further action as the cauliflower was part of the same order.

She countered that it was because she only opened the cauliflower after the previous issue was resolved.

She also asked to escalate the issue to a manager but the agent repeated that they could not offer any more refund for that order and that it was the 'fairest compensation' they could offer 'based on the value of the items affected'.

"I've been refused a refund from Pandamart for items that were delivered with mould on them," she said.

"The agent just decided to close the chat and not escalate this issue to a manager despite multiple requests.

"It makes me question how they store items and treat their customers.

"People buy food from a place where your groceries are clearly not stored properly and there is no quality check either.

"The audacity to make the customer pay for the poor groceries quality is the tip of the iceberg!"