Customer pays for $10.60 fried rice with XO sauce but gets $9.10 fried rice with 'no taste of XO sauce'

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A King Of Fried Rice customer said the 5G streaky bacon XO egg fried rice he ate had "no taste of XO sauce".

Stomper Jonathan had ordered it via Grab from the Tampines Mart outlet on Oct 20.

He believes the wrong food was delivered.

"I ordered bacon with XO sauce fried rice but was sent bacon fried rice. No taste of XO sauce," said the Stomper.

"The price of bacon fried rice is cheaper at $9.10 compared to $10.60."

Not only that, according to a copy of the receipt he shared, the Stomper ordered four of the 5G streaky bacon XO egg fried rice plus a pork cutlet egg fried rice, all of which came to a total of $51.50.

He contacted Grab and someone in customer service replied: "Allow me to take note of this as feedback to our merchant and I will make sure to highlight this certain merchant to our team to prevent this from happening in the future.

"We will be monitoring the merchant for any recurrence and further steps will be taken."

The Stomper said Grab gave him a refund on Oct 28.

He added: "The King Of Fried Rice offered to make good on their mistake by adding the XO sauce to my next order and I just had to inform them. Their customer service is top-notch compared to Grab."

Stomp has contacted Grab for more info.

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