Seafood restaurant customer pays $72 for 2 crabs, unhappy one is half the size of the other

Submitted by Stomper Mugen

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You cannot blame the customer for being crabby.

The offer was $38 for one crab and $72 for two crabs.

So it would appear that the latter would be the better deal since you save $4.

But when Stomper Mugen got the crabs from the seafood restaurant in Bukit Batok, they were not what he expected.

He thought the crabs would be similar in size. Instead, what he was given was "one big, one small".

The photo that the Stomper shared shows one crab was almost half the size of the other.

While one cannot expect the two crabs to be exactly the same size, the difference was more than the Stomper could bear.

He called it "dishonest".