Customer fails to get refund from Foodpanda after his order gets delivered to wrong address

Submitted by Stomper James

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A man's food delivery order was delivered to the wrong address and he was unable to get a refund despite ending up with no food.

Stomper James told Stomp that he ordered his lunch via Foodpanda on Thursday (Mar 23).

"I was waiting for the delivery when I suddenly got a notification that the food had been delivered," he said.

"The problem was there was no delivery."

James then contacted Foodpanda via its app but the customer service representative insisted that his food had been delivered to the correct address.

They also directed him to check the picture proof of the completed delivery.

"Clearly, the photo of the delivery was different from the photo of my door," James said.

The Foodpanda representative apologised and said they would "learn from this experience and work hard to prevent something like this from happening again."

They also said: "Despite my best efforts, there's nothing more I can do about this issue."

James was disappointed that they could not do more to resolve the issue and for 'taking money for non-delivery of service'.

"What is clearly not acceptable is that Foodpanda refused to take immediate action even when the evidence clearly showed that it was their fault," he said.

"Shame on you, Foodpanda.

"Am I supposed to wait 24 hours for you to contact me because of your s****y delivery service?

"And I don't even think they will bother to contact me.

"Mine is not an isolated case."

Stomp has reached out to Foodpanda for comment.