TikToker finds food delivery order dumped at staircase, netizens chime in

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What a waste.

A TikTok user found a delivery order left at a staircase of an HDB block.

Marc Fritz (@mmffmm0427) shared a video on his TikTok page of the plastic bags full of food with a Foodpanda receipt attached to them.

He said that from the receipt, the food was ordered at about 2.23pm but it was 7pm when he happened upon it.

@mmffmm0427 LEFT FOOD BY THE STAIRCASE AND I THOUGHT ARE TRASH #foodpanda #tiktoksg #foodpandasg #sgnews #wastedfood #fyp #foryou #singapore #delivery #foodorder #leftover #tiktokph #singaporetiktok #singapura ♬ original sound - MARC FRITZ ONLINE - THE MFO 2023

At first, he thought it was 'trash' before taking a closer look and discovering it was food that had already turned cold.

"So I checked the receipt for any information that I could get to call whoever the person is, may it be the deliveryman or the one who ordered but unfortunately, I could not find any," Marc said.

He commented that the food had been there for hours and doubted that anyone would collect it.

"I doubt also that whoever ordered it knows that the foods are here (sic)," he said.

He then shared that it was not right that the food was simply left at the staircase.

"The deliveryman could have just brought this back to the shop or I don't know but wasted!"

His video attracted several comments from netizens.

One, who is presumably a food delivery rider, wrote: "Sometimes we just leave it there or throw it away... the weird part is the customer won't even find the food and also we can't return the food back."

Others speculated that the customer did not provide their full address or respond when the rider tried to contact them.

Another netizen commented that the reason riders will not return food to the restaurant is that it is against policy.

This is not the first time food has been left out in the open.

Earlier this month, a Stomper ended up with no food after a GrabFood deliveryman left his KFC order outside Bukit Timah Shopping Centre.

Another GrabFood deliveryman left a customer's order at a void deck that disappeared 'within a minute'.