Stompers receive food delivery orders with missing or wrong items: 'Why didn't anyone vet the order?'

Submitted by Stomper Iswadi, Calliope

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Although food delivery has opened up a whole new world of convenience -- that can quickly turn into a world of pain for unfortunate customers.

Stomper Iswadi was disappointed when he didn't receive exactly what he had ordered via Foodpanda on Thursday (Feb 16) for lunch.

He had ordered a crispy chicken drumstick with curry rice and added an additional crispy chicken drumstick from Encik Tan at Compass One via Foodpanda.

"I never got my additional crispy chicken drumstick but instead, I got a fried fish," he said.

Similarly, Stomper Calliope shared with Stomp that she had ordered a footlong sandwich meal from Subway for lunch on the same day via GrabFood.

The meal was supposed to include the sandwich, a 22-ounce drink and two cookies of her choice.

"Everything was paid for, the order came on time, the rider took a pic of the order on my doorstep as proof and left," she said.

"I went to the door to see only the sandwich and cookies.

"A receipt was stuck to the plastic bag.

"I understand it's a hot day and the rider may have helped himself to it or the restaurant forgot it, but why didn't anyone vet the order?

"I would be happy to tip after a successful delivery!

"It feels weird to receive an incomplete order.

"This is the first time I've encountered this. 

"I didn't want to contact Grab support because they use 'cut and paste' answers as per recent Stomp articles, so I thought to just vent here.

"I rated the order though.

"No photos were taken because I was hungry and annoyed.

"I don't expect anything, but it would be nice to hear theories."

In cases like these, it may not necessarily be the food delivery provider or deliveryman's fault as they only pick up and deliver the food and play no role in packing the meals.

Should restaurants step-up on ensuring they are sending out the right orders?

What do you think?