McDonald's apologises after delivery rider spills Milo outside customer's unit

Submitted by Stomper Aravin

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A man was in shock when he found iced Milo spilt outside his Woodlands HDB unit.

Stomper Aravin told Stomp that he ordered McDonald's delivery for dinner on Jan 23.

However, instead of being able to enjoy his meal, he spent much of his time cleaning up the mess.

"I had the most unpleasant experience with a delivery guy for the first time," said the Stomper.

"My drink, iced Milo, was apparently dropped at my doorstep with spillage all over my corridor."

He added that the empty cup was 'left standing there' and that the floor was stained because of this.

"The delivery guy did not press my doorbell or knock on my door to let me know my food order had arrived," he said.

"I only came to know there was someone outside my door when my dog started barking towards my main door.

"When I opened my door, I was shocked to see the total mess outside my corridor.

"I couldn't find anyone around."

Aravin expressed agitation that the delivery person did not alert him that his order had arrived or even apologise.

"He fled from the scene and left his footsteps in the spilt Milo along the corridor," he said.

"I had to wash away the Milo stains to prevent ants or insects from coming and also to prevent any unhappiness with my neighbours due to the shared corridor.

"What kind of service is this from McDonald's?"

In response to a Stomp query, a McDonald's spokesman said: "We're sorry about the delivery experience and have since reached out to the customer to make good."