Courting death? Cyclist darts between vehicles at Zion Road on rainy day

Submitted by Stomper Alan

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A driver suffered a rude shock after a near-accident with a cyclist behaving recklessly on the road.

Stomper Alan shared dashcam footage of the incident that occurred along Zion Road on Jan 19, at around 8.12am.

In the videos, a cyclist can be seen seemingly appearing out of nowhere from in front of a lorry.

Alan's view of the cyclist was obscured due to the lorry and his wet windshield from the rainy weather.

The cyclist had dismounted her bicycle and was trying to cross the road despite oncoming traffic and the lack of pedestrian crossings around.

Alan said: "She was unexpectedly darting between cars, jaywalking and causing a near-miss.

"These actions by pedestrians are hazardous and can lead to serious accidents or even fatalities. We urge all drivers to take extra caution when driving on the road and be particularly vigilant against these jaywalking behaviours.

"I hope Stomp can kindly help to raise awareness to drivers on the road. Thank you."