Condo resident leaves flowers at neighbours' doors -- even for those she has never met

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A rainy Saturday brought gloom to residents at a condominium in Marine Parade — until a neighbour's sweet gesture chased the blues away.

Stomper N, a resident at The Seaview condominium along Amber Road, was surprised to be greeted by a bouquet of flowers at her door on Saturday (Nov 7).

N recounted: "It was around 12pm and pouring.

"We opened our main door to collect a parcel were pleasantly surprised to find a bouquet of flowers right outside our door on this dull and rainy day.

"A neighbour from an adjacent unit, whom we had never met, had been thoughtful enough to buy a bunch of lovely flowers and leave them outside our unit, with a message saying they hoped it would brighten up our gloomy day.

"Indeed, it did and we were touched by this heartwarming gesture."

Photos that N shared with Stomp show how a note accompanying the flowers wished the recipient a Happy Saturday and was signed off by 'Claire'.

According to N, there was no special occasion that prompted the kind gesture and her household did not have any interaction with Claire prior to this.

N said that her other neighbours also had similar bouquets waiting for them outside the units.

She told Stomp: "We returned the lovely act of kindness by leaving a box of chocolates outside Claire's door.

"It was amazing to receive a gift from someone whom we had never met and who was kind enough to go to the store on a rainy morning to buy flowers for her neighbours.

"I wish this kampong spirit never dies."