Bus captain, 72, shelters passengers from rain at every stop -- and has been doing so for 45 years

Submitted by Stomper Novita

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It is always heartwarming to meet bus drivers who go the extra mile to show passengers that they care.

So, when Stomper Novita saw an SBS Transit bus driver shelter every passenger alighting from the bus during a torrential downpour, it was unsurprising that she was beyond touched.

Novita was waiting at a bus stop along Telok Blangah Heights on Wednesday (Oct 7) at about 7pm when she spotted the kind bus driver and shared a video to Stomp.

The video shows the bus driver sheltering an old lady from the rain as she alighted from bus 273.

The bus driver then doubles back to shelter two more passengers.

"I was just taking a walk when it started rained heavily, so I rushed to the nearest bus stop to keep myself dry," Novita said.

"That was when I saw a bus driver shelter all her passengers that were alighting.

"I was beyond impressed with the driver's act of kindness.

"These small acts of kindness are so contagious and I felt super happy after I saw that.

"It made me feel that good people really do exist."

In response to a Stomp query, Ms Tammy Tan, Senior Vice-President of Corporate Communications at SBS Transit, identified the kind bus driver as Senior Bus Captain (BC) Hoe Soo Hiong and shared that she has been on the job for the past 45 years.

"Whenever it rains, she will quickly take out an umbrella to shelter commuters boarding/alighting from her bus," said Ms Tammy Tan.

"She will repeat this kind act at every single bus stop until the rain stops. On October 7 when it rained, it was no different for 72-year-old Soo Hiong."

Soo Hiong said: “I am concerned that my passengers would catch a cold and fall sick if they get soaking wet in the rain. This is part of my job to provide my commuters with a safe and pleasant ride.”

Ms Tan added that the SBS Transit team is proud of BC Hoe for going the extra mile for their commuters.

"She has proven time and again that age is no barrier where good service is concerned. We are incredibly proud of her," added Ms Tan.