Audi driver giving out cookies to construction workers on rainy day will warm your heart

Submitted by Stomper Dawn

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While you might be holed up indoors on a rainy day, there are also those who are slogging it out in the wet weather.

Stomper Dawn was heartened by a kind act that she witnessed while travelling along Penang Road towards Orchard Road on Friday afternoon (Sep 4).

An Audi driver in front of Dawn had stopped to pass several packets of snacks to a group of construction workers who were performing road works at around 2pm.

A video submitted by Dawn shows the Audi driver passing the items to one of the workers before driving off.

The Stomper said: "Some people are simply dealt a bad hand in life and often have to make huge sacrifices, not familiar to most of us, like leaving their comfort zones to work in faraway places where they largely become 'invisible'.

"I am extremely grateful to be reminded of being kind to others by the touching gesture from this driver, who passed many packets of cookies to the 'invisible' people amongst us."