Condo resident gets 'stern warning' for harassing security officer at Eight Riversuites: Police

The police have administered a stern warning to Mr Erramalli Ramesh for intentionally causing harassment to a security officer who was deployed at Eight Riversuites Condominium.

In a circulated video, Mr Erramalli Ramesh can be seen yelling profanities at security guards after they had apparently stopped his visitors from entering the carpark. 

He also claimed that he paid $1.5 million for his condominium unit.

Stomp earlier reported that the incident had apparently occurred at Eight Riversuites condominium in Bendemeer, at about 11pm on Oct 25, 2019.

Mr Erramalli's employer JP Morgan was reportedly looking into the matter after the incident.

Following the incident, Mr Erramalli apologised to the security guard several times during an hour-long meeting.

According to Association of Certified Security Agencies Facebook post on Oct 30, 2019, Mr Ramesh was worked up over the rule of collecting $10 parking fees for overnight parking and he didn't mean to hurt or harm SSS Steven in any way.

The police said in a statement on Friday (Jan 17) that they've concluded investigations against Mr Erramlli and administered the stern warning in consultation with the Attorney-General's Chambers.

Mr Erramalli had received harassing and threatening messages from unknown parties following the incident.

The police initiated investigations although Mr Erramalli had expressed his wish to not pursue the matter. 

A few of the messages had threatened Mr Erramalli and his family with death and violence, even rape. 

The police have also administered a stern warning to two men, aged 41 and 47, for causing intentional harassment to Mr Erramallli.

In addition, they've administered a 12-month conditional warning to two other men, aged 19 and 56, who threatened Mr Erramalli and his family with death and violence.

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