Commuter impressed by what driver did on Bus 972 that had no sign displaying the next stop

Submitted by Stomper Mdm Lee

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Commuters were impressed by a bus driver of bus service 972 announcing landmarks and block numbers in Bukit Panjang aloud, to inform them where the bus was headed.

Stomper Mdm Lee boarded the bus at a bus stop along Bukit Panjang Road at about 12.30pm yesterday (Oct 23), when she noticed the bus driver talking continuously.

At first, she didn't know what he was saying, but when she listened closely she realised he was telling the passengers of the landmarks nearby.

In the audio recording she sent Stomp, the bus driver told his passengers when he was coming to Segar Road.

He said: "We are now passing Segar Road.

"Segar Road, Block 457, 458 and 459.

"Supermarket Sheng Siong. Sheng Siong supermarket. 

"Block 455 and 458. Blocks 460 and 461."

He continued by announcing the police station the bus would have been approaching.

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Mdm Lee said: "I think that the bus driver should be complimented. It is impressive to see someone going the extra mile for the passengers."

Aside from what is heard in the audio clip, Mdm Lee said that the driver pointed out a temple and shopping centre that the bus would have been passing by.