Comfort cabby 'saves' passenger's life by going door-to-door to return her phone

A woman who boarded a taxi from Choa Chu Kang Central to Teck Whye Lane left her mobile phone on the cab, but was fortunately reunited with it thanks to an awesome driver.

In a Facebook post, Fauzella Sahabdin shared how she only noticed the loss when the taxi driver showed up at her door to return the phone.

Fauzella, a self-employed henna artist, was accompanied by her two sons and a domestic helper when she boarded ComfortDelGro Taxi SHA7937B to her mother's flat at around 3.30pm on March 31.

She told Stomp that it was around one hour later when the cabby "came knocking".

"I asked him how did he know my address! He said he didn't know. He just took his chances and go floor by floor, door by door," she wrote in her post.

"My mum's place is [on the] 3rd floor but still! Who would go through such measures to return a mobile phone at their own expense. Time is money for taxi drivers!"

Commending the cabby for being an honest and kind person, Fauzella said that her phone contained important information about her clients and appointments all the way till 2019.

"Thank you, uncle, for saving my life!" she added.

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Ms Tammy Tan, Group Corporate Communications Officer of ComfortDelGro Corporation Limited, told Stomp in response to queries: "Our cabbies have been told to return found items to the Company.

"Cabby Yeo could have done that but he didn't. Instead he went the extra mile to locate the passenger himself and return the phone to her.

"We are very proud of him."