Passenger touched by cabby's kindness 'in a materialistic world' after daughter throws up

Submitted by Stomper Jayant

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Stomper Jayant was touched by the kindness that a taxi driver showed his family, after his sick five-year-old daughter threw up on the cab during their journey.

The family had boarded SMRT Taxi SHC 4566Y at Boon Lay Way and was headed towards Jurong West at around 8pm on Saturday (Feb 3).

Jayant recounted what happened: "On the way, my daughter, who had not been feeling well, started throwing up. She first threw up on me.

"The taxi driver, Mr Lim, was very helpful. He not only gave us tissues, but also provided us with a plastic bag when we asked.

"I really appreciate his small gesture in this materialistic world. He did not charge any extra amount for cleaning the taxi.

"I made sure there were no stains or dirty things left behind.

"Thanks, Mr Lim, for your kind support."