Cleaning personnel go extra mile to help disabled uncle clean motorised vehicle at The Centrepoint

Submitted by Stomper RR17

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Stomper RR17 witnessed the kind gestures of two staff members who helped clean a disabled man's motorised vehicle yesterday afternoon (Aug 2).

The incident happened near the entrance of The Centrepoint at about 1.50pm.

RR17 who works around the area, was taking a short break when he saw the exchange between the old man and the two cleaning personnel.

He said: "The two men were cleaning one of the signages in the building when the old man suddenly waved to them to clean his vehicle as well.

"The two guys didn't hesitate and they cleaned it in under five minutes, with one cleaning the wheel and the other cleaning the seat and handle.

"I've seen this old man since three to four months ago, and he seems to have difficulty walking. He limps and walks quite slowly.

"When they were done cleaning, the old man just waved to thank them because I think he can't speak properly, and they just smiled back at him."

When asked about his reason for sharing this with Stomp, RR17 said: "I just find that it's really nice of them, because this is not part of their job scope. 

"It's a good gesture."