Child bites onto metal wire in Yummy Bento meal, Foodpanda says refund 'not possible'

Submitted by Stomper A

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A mother was disappointed when she was unable to get a refund after her child allegedly bit onto a metal wire that was in his meal.

Stomper A told Stomp that she had ordered food from Yummy Bento at Jurong West via Foodpanda on Aug 29.

She paid a total of $36.60 for her order, including a sweet and sour pork set ($8.80) for her son.

"When my son was eating, he bit onto something hard and spit it out," she said.

"We realised that there was a metal wire in his food.

"I told Foodpanda about it but they weren't able to give a refund or anything."

In screenshots shared by the Stomper, the customer service agent apologised and said they would share her feedback with the 'relevant team' but said 'a refund will not be possible for this order'.

"My kid is just six years old, this is a hazard," the Stomper said.

"He mentioned that he will never eat sweet and sour pork again!

"I'm very disappointed with Foodpanda and will never use them again."

Stomp has reached out to Foodpanda for comment.