Woman finds plastic in Long John Silver's nacho cheese sauce, Foodpanda offers $2.50 voucher

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She wanted an explanation.

A woman was disgusted to find a piece of plastic in a tub of nacho cheese sauce from Long John Silver's she ordered via Foodpanda.

Long John Silver's has since apologised for what happened.

Facebook user Shrutika Nair posted about the incident in the Facebook group Complaint Singapore on July 22.

She said she had ordered the food from the Tampines Mall outlet on July 20 at 5.23pm and found a "foreign object" in the cheese.

"At first, I couldn't really see what it was till I picked it up and it was a piece of plastic that had sharp edges.

"I felt so disgusted and called Foodpanda customer service to inform them of the situation and asked for an explanation.

"All they said was that they would offer me a $2.50 voucher for this mistake.

"Foodpanda, are you kidding me? Is this the way you all treat customers especially when a foreign object is found inside the food?

"So I decided to call Long John Silver's directly. I called more than 30 times and all calls went unanswered.

"After a long day at work, we ordered the food to enjoy, but in the end, we had to throw away the entire food order as it was so gross."

Shrutika added: "What if anyone ate and swallowed the foreign object and it was so damn sharp?"

She also shared photos of the small piece of plastic covered in nacho cheese on a disposable fork.

Someone commented: "Looks like they cut off the corner of a bag that had cheese sauce but it accidentally fell into this tub. Easy to just remove and continue the rest of the meal. Don't need to have a meltdown."

Shrutika replied: "It's not just remove and continue to eat. The packet would have been put on the floor and everywhere, and just imagine eating that."

On July 25, Long John Silver's commented on her Facebook post: "Hi, Shrutika Nair, we are sorry for this incident which resulted in your disappointment with Long John Silver’s."

The company also requested her purchase and contact details so that a representative could get in touch with her.

Shrutika did not reply to Long John Silver's comment on her post.