Foodpanda refuses to give refund after hospital workers end up with no food for Nurses' Day celebration

Submitted by Stomper Victor

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A hospital worker was disappointed after ordering food via Foodpanda for a Nurses' Day celebration at his workplace.

Stomper Victor told Stomp that his colleagues had planned to celebrate Nurses' Day for their nursing colleagues on July 26. Nurses' Day is on Aug 1 and marks the beginning of the development of nursing in Singapore in 1885.

He had paid $101.53 for food ordered from Common Grill by COLLIN'S at Jalan Membina and arranged for the food to be delivered to Outram Community Hospital at 10 Hospital Boulevard.

"Not only did the food fail to arrive, but Foodpanda refused to give us a refund," he said.

"This is very disappointing.

"Can you imagine the embarrassment Foodpanda has caused me?

"And to add insult to the embarrassment, they refused not only to acknowledge their failure but to push this mistake to me."

He added that the address he gave was correct and that the postal code was correct.

"This is the exact address I have used many times with Foodpanda, I am sure they have my records," he said.

"How could I have been contacted when I did not receive any calls from your rider?

"My colleague called me via WhatsApp at 11.57am and I called her at 12.04pm as shown in one of the attached photos.

"Mistakes happen, I understand.

"What I cannot accept is Foodpanda pushing the blame on me.

"How is this my fault?

"I do expect the refund to be made to me as this money also belongs to other healthcare professionals.

"Not only did these healthcare workers fail to have their lunch due to their mistake, but they also took their money.

"I would like everyone to be aware of how Foodpanda charged their customers without checking whether what their rider had indicated on the app was true or not.

"Their rider could have taken my order and just indicated an invalid address and taken it for their own consumption.

"As a paying customer, I cannot do anything about it because they didn't even bother to investigate my claim and they 100 per cent believe their rider.

"Conclusion: order at your own risk!"