Is man slamming gate in defiance of neighbour's CCTV aimed at his door?

Unless someone speaks to the uncle in a series of TikTok videos shared by user @lingo6kl (Kay Ling), no one will be able to understand his actions.

Kay Ling is upset with her inconsiderate neighbour, a middle-aged man, who seems to open and close the gate to his home with much gusto, or should it be, 'brute strength'?

It looks like a regular occurrence, though the first video Kay Ling posted was on June 7. She wrote in Chinese: "Every morning, we are awakened by this 'good' neighbour. I have always believed in retribution."

The retribution? The video shows the man returning home, he unlocks the gate, opens it and slams it hard against the wall. As he sits down to take off his shoes, a metal bar dislodges and nearly hits the man.



♬ original sound - Kay Ling

In two subsequent videos dated June 9 and June 11, the dislodged bar is left at the side of the man's flat. He continues to rattle his gate as he opens it to leave his home and even as he locks up.

He then looks up at the CCTV in mock defiance.



♬ original sound - Kay Ling


He so wanted to become famous … so grant his wish.

♬ original sound - Kay Ling

Most of the TikTok users were sympathetic to Kay Ling's plight, with some sharing their own experience with noisy neighbours.

But there were also others who pointed out the installation of the CCTV aimed at her neighbour's home could have aggravated matters.

User prabu said: "Maybe he did that coz your camera always facing his door."

Another user D added: "Wait that’s your neighbours house and you have a camera facing directly at their house isn’t that illegal?"

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