Ceiling collapses in NTU lecture theatre

Charmaine Soh
The New Paper
Thursday, Aug 24, 2017

When he viewed the recording for his 9.30am lecture on Monday, Mr Adzizul Fadleigh, 25, noticed debris at the back of the class.

The ceiling of Lecture Theatre 1, at Nanyang Technological University's (NTU) North Spine, had collapsed earlier that morning.

NTU sent an e-mail to affected students to inform them of the collapse and the change of venues for some of their lectures. No classes will be held there for at least a month.

Mr Adzizul, who is a final-year mechanical engineering student, told The New Paper that his classmates were in the theatre, sitting closer to the front. As he had not attended the lecture, he was viewing a recording that was posted online after the lecture ended.

He said: "Our lecture still went on for about an hour though it's supposed to be two hours...

"I was a bit concerned when I saw the debris as I was worried it might affect the other parts of the class."

NTU is looking into the incident.

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