Residents alarmed as concrete slab falls off ceiling at Blk 933 Tampines St 91

Submitted by Stomper Sanchik

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A part of the ceiling came crashing down at level 1 of Block 933, Tampines Street 91 today (May 21) at around 1.30pm. 

Stomper Sanchik was at home in a unit on the 2nd storey when he heard a loud bang.

He rushed down to investigate the source of the din. 

Upon reaching the site, he discovered that a part of the ceiling had fallen off, and other residents had gathered around the fragments of concrete that littered the floor.

Sanchik, together with some residents immediately informed the Town Council. 

Said Sanchik:

“This is quite scary.

“One neighbour complained that his ceiling at home looked like it was going to fall off too.

“It would be disastrous if you were walking there and then this slab of concrete fell on you.”