ITE student suspended after bashing schoolmate, police investigations are ongoing

Submitted by Stomper Focus, Serina, Vikki

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Stomper Focus, Serina and Vikki brought an alarming video showing an ITE (Institute of Technical Education) student beating up his schoolmate in their school's toilet to Stomp's attention.

The video was posted on Facebook user Soniya Raj's page today (Feb 16).

She wanted to bring attention to this incident of bullying and said that this happened at ITE College East in Simei.

In the video, the bully kicks and punches his helpless schoolmate while a group of students look on.

The bully asks him in Tamil if he will do "anything like this again".

Obviously distressed, the teen says that he did not do anything and raises his arms to protect his face from the repeated kicks and blows.

The bully then threatens him that if he tells their teacher, "something" will happen to him.

He also said that he will "break his face" and that this is his last warning, to which the victim promises he will not say anything to anyone.

The bully then leaves him and walks out of the toilet with his group of friends.

Said Focus:

"It's very disturbing this is happening in this day and age. 

"That boy (he looks like a man) should be jailed and caned."

Stomper Vikki hopes that the school's management will take action regarding this incident.

Dr Yek Tiew Ming, Principal of ITE College East issued the following statement to Stomp:

"There was an assault case in a toilet at ITE College East on 8 Feb 2017. The victim has consulted a doctor, and we are 
rendering our assistance to him. The assailant has been suspended. 

"ITE takes a serious view of the matter, and does not condone such acts. ITE College East will cooperate with police investigations."

The police have confirmed with Stomp that a report has been lodged regarding the incident and that police investigations are ongoing.

Watch the video below.