'Machiam' UFC: Man rains blows on another, while children scream and people try to pull them apart

Submitted by Stomper Johnny

Stomper Johnny was shocked to see a fight that broke out at 1.30am today (Dec 27) at Block 852 Woodlands Street 83.

Said the Stomper: 

"At first, I heard children screaming loudly. 

"Curious, I went out of my apartment, and saw that there were two men engaged in a fight just opposite my block."

In the video provided by Johnny, a man wearing a black shirt exiting an apartment is seen using his elbow to mercilessly hit another guy in a blue shirt on his head and back. 

Children were heard screaming, and people were seen trying to help stop the fight. 

The video also shows a woman carrying a kid, helplessly trying to pull the man wearing a blue shirt, possibly her husband, away from the fight. 

The man in a black shirt continued to taunt and challenge the other guy to hit back.

The fight was eventually put to a stop after a man wearing a white singlet stepped in and urged the man wearing a blue shirt to leave with his wife and child.