Carousell user makes offer for $0.50 toilet roll -- then asks for free delivery

Submitted by Stomper Grace

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In the latest epic conversation on an online marketplace, a Carousell user asked Stomper Grace if she provided free delivery for her item: A toilet paper roll that she listed for 50 cents.

Grace was left incredulous by the request and decided to share her experience after reading about a Facebook user who offered $200 for a MacBook Pro.

The Stomper said she had bought too many 3-ply toilet paper rolls from Watsons, which were retailing at a set of ten for $5.90, and therefore listed them for sale on Carousell at 50 cents per roll.

An interested buyer then made an offer -- only to ask:

"Can free delivery to Kaki Bukit?"

Grace replied: "Are you kidding?" and said the conversation ended there.

She told Stomp that she has never encountered anything like this on Carousell before and added: "50 cents can't even cover my transport la."

View the full conversation in the gallery.

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