Car parked in front of Whampoa staircase makes life hard for Stomper's 82-year-old mum

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A car blocking a flight of stairs does not seem very dangerous or harmful to most people, but it is for Stomper Soh's 82-year-old mother.

Mr Soh and his mother frequent Whampoa Hawker Centre along Whampoa Drive every Saturday morning.

In order to get to their location, Mr Soh has to guide his mother up a flight of stairs (pictured above) and across the road.

His mother is frail and unsteady when she walks.

Last Saturday (Dec 15) at about 9.42am, she had great difficulty getting to the hawker centre because of a silver car parked there.

Mr Soh, 57, told Stomp: "It is very difficult for me to guide my mother through the narrow path.

"I am unable to guide her because the path is too narrow to fit two people abreast.

"She has to be extremely careful manoeuvring pass the car on the narrow walkway.

"There is a chance that she may lose her balance and fall."

He also said that the only other route is to walk around the block and onto the road, which would take up a lot of time and energy.

The Stomper added: "This is the first time I have seen the silver car parked there.

"However, on other days, I have seen other cars parked there too.

"It is surprisingly a common spot for drivers to park at."

He would like to appeal to motorists to be more considerate of the people around them.