Car 'forcefully' cuts into lane of another at Alexandra Road

Submitted by Stomper Jer

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A car was caught on camera "forcefully" cutting into the lane of another car at Alexandra Road on Thursday (Aug 18) at 9am.

Sharing dashcam video of the incident, Stomper Jer said: "This guy has forcefully cut into my lane."

The video shows a white car slowly moving into cam car's lane to overtake another car near the end of Gillman Flyover.

To make way for the white car, this forced the Stomper to drive into the next lane on the busy road.

The Stomper also claimed the white car had illegal modifications on its tinted glass windows, number plate and exhaust system.

According to the Land Transport Authority, these requirements must be met when installing tinted glass:

  • They must comply with international standards for safety glasses.
  • At least 70 per cent of light must be able to pass through the front windscreen and the two front side windows.
  • At least 25 per cent of light must be able to pass through the rear windscreen and the two rear side windows.
  • The front windscreen must not affect the transmission of signals between the In-vehicle Unit and the Electronic Road Pricing gantry.