GrabFood rider swerves into driver's lane without warning, carries on without a care

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A GrabFood delivery rider was unfazed despite his close brush with an accident.

Stomper Anonymous shared dashcam footage of the near-accident he had with the personal mobility device (PMD) rider along Clementi Avenue 3 on August 5, at around 11.15pm.

Anonymous said: "This GrabFood rider suddenly swerved into my lane, wanting to take a shortcut at the traffic light pedestrian crossing.

"No warning was given and the rider did not even bother to turn his head to check for traffic before committing this illegal act. On top of that, no apology was given nor was there even any sense of remorse from the rider, even after I drove past him.

"Riders who toggle between being road users and pedestrians at their whims and fancies should not be tolerated, as they are nothing but selfish and have no due care for road users.

"I hope the government will step in to take action on such riders as they are pests on the roads."