BMW driver slammed for dangerous driving on Bukit Timah Road

Submitted by Stomper Randy

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A BMW driver was caught on camera dangerously cutting across two lanes of traffic at Bukit Timah Road on Thursday (June 30).

In a dash cam video posted on SG Road Vigilante, the silver BMW can be seen overtaking another car from the right before the Wayang Satu (Whitley) Flyover.

The BMW then cut in front of the car as the BMW abruptly drove across two lanes to get onto the turn-off on the leftmost lane, going over the chevron markings used to channel traffic.

Netizens slammed the BMW driver for dangerous driving.

A user commented: "A minute faster can’t save much time, instead your action can put yourself and others into unnecessarily dangerous situations. Hope that the driver will be more considerate in the future. Drive safely."

Another pointed out: "He almost hit the divider doing that last-minute stunt."

One put it more succinctly: "Another moron on the road."