Cabby makes Stomper's day with funny jokes and good vibes

Submitted by Stomper Rolly

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Sometimes an unexpected exchange with a total stranger can make your day.

Stomper Rollly shared the conversation he had with a ComfortDelGro taxi driver who made him laugh despite having a rough night.

He boarded the taxi to go to Ang Mo Kio at about 8.44am on Wednesday (July 1).

Rolly shared the following conversation he had with the cabby.

(Before the video, he asked me, 'What is the letter on Superman?')

Me: S, Uncle.

Cabby: Correct! Do you know why it's tight? 

Me: No idea, Uncle

Cabby: Because S is for Small!. 

Cabby: Do you know [why] Superman is stupid?

Me: Because he wears tight pants and on top, underwear? 

Cabby: OK, what else?

Me: I have no idea, Uncle.

Cabby: Because he can go toilet and change [his] outfit. No telephone booth in SG lah.

Rolly also shared a video with Stomp where the cabby shared a couple more jokes with him.

"I had a tough night but this driver made my day," he said.

"If anyone knows who he is, kindly PM me and allow me to thank him again and have kopi and listen to his funny jokes.

"Life is better when you are laughing.

"Kudos to this ComfortDelGro driver!

"He truly deserves respect!"