Cabby goes above and beyond to help woman and her wheelchair-bound mum at Mandai Columbarium

Submitted by Stomper Janette

A cabby earned five stars from a passenger who was touched by his care and service on a rainy day.

Stomper Janette shared with Stomp her Instagram post recounting how Trans-Cab cabby Mr Lee helped her and her wheelchair-bound mother.

"It has never been easy to book a ride at Mandai Crematorium and Columbarium Complex but we were lucky yesterday," she said.

"Mr Lee responded to my booking and unlike most drivers who would simply sit and watch us struggle [to get] my mum into the car and load the wheelchair into the boot with great impatience, he dashed out with a huge umbrella, sheltered my mum and urged us to get inside the car as he load[ed] the wheelchair into the boon on his own so that we don't get caught in the rain."

Janette added that his kindness had already earned him his five-star rating but the journey itself was a joy as well.

She described how his "jovial mood and friendly demeanour warmed the atmosphere in the car".

When Mr Lee heard that her husband needed to head to a nearby eatery to buy food for her mum, he even offered to drive him there citing that it was on the way.

"He actually had to make a detour and he was so kind that he troubled himself to alight the hub at a sheltered area so that he would not get in the rain," said Janette.

"Not every angel wears wings and this kindhearted angel drives a cab."