Salute to this honest cabby and helpful worker who make Singapore a better place

Submitted by Stomper Danny

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This video of a cabby and a foreign worker helping passengers who left their luggage behind on a taxi will warm your heart.

Stomper Danny shared dashcam footage of the commendable deed that occurred along Desker Road, near Berseh Food Centre, last Wednesday (Apr 13).

In the video, an elderly man and a woman can be seen alighting from a ComfortDelGro taxi. However, they unwittingly leave their belongings behind in the vehicle boot.

The taxi driver is seen making a hand gesture to call out to the pair. Meanwhile, a worker who happened to be passing by helps to go after the passengers and alert them.

The female passenger is spotted returning to retrieve a yellow luggage from the taxi boot, while the elderly man raises his hand in gratitude at the cabby.

The taxi driver is then seen making a thumbs-up sign at the worker, who responds in kind.

Danny said: "The taxi driver is so honest to alert his passengers about their luggage in his vehicle.

"It feels great to see people helping out the two passengers. What a joy to see such an act of compassion!"