Husband of Tada passenger says driver 'playing victim' after dropping her and child by road over $2

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The husband of the Tada passenger who baulked at paying an extra $2 for a booster seat has responded to the Stomp article about the incident.

A video of the conversation between the Tada driver and the passenger in the vehicle was shared anonymously in the "Professional PHV Drivers Singapore" Facebook group on June 11 with the description: "Another cheapo Karen with four-year-old and don't want to pay $2 booster seat when provided."

Another cheapo Karen with 4 yr old and don't want to pay $2 booster seat when provided

Posted by Anonymous participant on Sunday, June 11, 2023


The husband, who was not in the vehicle, said: "In the article, the Tada driver twisted the situation. As we were taking the ride from Lorong Bunga to Isetan Scotts, the cost was $16.90.

"When he arrived, he already saw we were travelling with a four-year-old. He asked if we had a child seat to which we replied no. So he offered us his without informing us there was a charge.

"We took it as a courtesy offer as many Tada drivers do so. Hence, this was the first time we encountered a situation where we needed to pay for the booster seat.

"Throughout the ride, the driver did not mention it until my wife wanted to pay. Hence, my wife was pissed with the sudden extra charge and thought the driver trying to squeeze extra money from her unscrupulously. Thus, the altercation.

"Then he threatened my wife who was travelling with a minor."

In the video, the driver can be heard saying: "Okay, we go police station to settle it."

The husband continued: "After my wife alighted, the driver also did not cancel or end the ride, causing my wife, who was travelling with a minor to be unable to book the next ride.

"Plus he dropped someone travelling with a child by the roadside just because of $2 and now he's playing victim.

"He didn't complete the ride and yet swiped 'complete'.

"By the way, there are loads of good Tada drivers out there that offer a child booster seat without charging. It was just that we were unfortunate to meet one that was not.

"We don't mind paying the extra $2 only if it was brought up before we commenced the ride which would be the right thing to do. I mean, what is $2 versus the ride cost of $16.90?"

The husband added that they had sent feedback to Tada about the incident.

Stomp has contacted Tada for more info.

"It's a shame to see such attitude in Singapore, a First World country but lacking a kind heart," said the husband.