Man charged $21 for Tada booking even though driver went MIA, pays total of $40 to get home

Submitted by Stomper Matthew

This story was submitted via Stomp App contribution.

A man paid double for his ride home after a private hire driver went MIA.

Stomper Matthew told Stomp that he went to Changi Airport on the evening of May 20 and waited until the wee hours of May 21 for his fiancee to board her plane.

"Tired and sleepy, I decided to book a ride with TADA back to my place," he said.

"I booked a normal TADA ride but to my surprise, the app indicated that the driver had already picked me up.

"To my frustration, I called the driver several times only to be answered when he was halfway through.

"He told me that I never booked him via Grab and asked me to cancel the ride on my end.

"I never used Grab but TADA instead.

"He hung up on me but before he hung up, he asked his passenger for his name.

"He might have picked up the wrong passenger but TADA still deducted $21.98 from my account.

"I called their customer service several times but no answer, I emailed them to complain but no answer as well."

Matthew said that he ended up booking another ride with TADA about 30 minutes later, due to him waiting for the first driver from the same location.

The second ride cost him $18.81, causing him to end up paying a total of $40.79 just to get home.