BreadTalk customer allegedly touches bread with her hand, then puts it back on shelf: 'Unhygienic'

Submitted by Stomper Lee

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Sometimes when we believe no one is looking, we do things we think we can get away with.

But what if someone is watching?

A woman buying bread at BreadTalk in Tampines Mall was allegedly spotted touching the food with her hand and then returning it to the shelf for someone else to buy.

Stomper Lee said it happened on Sep 1 at around 10.45am.

"I was queuing up to make my order at Toast Box when I saw a lady walking around at BreadTalk (which was next to Toast Box) and she had a piece of bread on her tray," recounted the Stomper, who shared photos of the woman.

"She used the tong to knock on the bread. Then, thinking no one was looking, she touched the bread with her hand. Thinking it was too hard, she went to put it back on the shelf. She went on to choose another piece of bread.

"Thankfully, another customer saw it and a staff member was informed to remove that particular piece of bread that the woman touched."

So according to the Stomper, even though the woman thought no one was looking, there were at least two witnesses.

"Some people are just unhygienic and inconsiderate," said the Stomper.