Bakery worker seen handling dough without gloves in PLQ -- but are they flouting any laws?

Submitted by Stomper Roy

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A Stomper expressed concerns about how he saw a worker at The Bread Club not wearing gloves while handling dough in the Paya Lebar Quarter bakery last month.

However, the Singapore Food Agency (SFA) told Stomp it has investigated the matter and did not detect any non-compliances with food safety rules.

SFA added that under the Environmental Public Health (Food Hygiene) Regulations, anyone engaged in the sale or preparation for the sale of food shall not during such sale or preparation handle any cooked food with his bare hands.

It also said that it conducts regular inspections of SFA-licensed food establishments to ensure compliance with its regulations and will not hesitate to take enforcement action if necessary.

Stomper Roy said he had complained to the agency twice about The Bread Club and was informed that a verbal warning was given.

"I have bought bread from them many times and saw with my own eyes how in the back kitchen the unhygienic handling of dough and bread without any gloves on.

"I went to see the BreadTalk kitchen with the staff wearing full outfits, gloves and masks, well-organised and following the protocol. Why can't The Bread Club simply follow the protocol?"

Sharing photos of a worker handling dough and other ingredients with bare hands, the Stomper said the July 14 photos were "evidence" of the bakery's unhygienic practices.

"Again and again, they are not following the protocol."

According to Environmental Public Health (Food Hygiene) Regulations, only cooked food should not be handled with bare hands.

Stomp has contacted The Bread Club for more info.